BMW LED Floating Caps Hub Wheel Light Center Accessory Cover Magnetic Glow

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Are you ready to stand out on the road?


It’s fixed. The floating wheel center caps do not turn with the wheel when driving. You can be parked in any position or take a photo of your beautiful car - the emblem will always stay upright - regardless of what wheel position you have. Our wheel center cap covers use magnetic levitation technology to generate electricity and stay vertical within an incredible 135km speed. 


✅ MAGNETIC LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY - Do you want your tires to be king of the road? Introducing Motorfox LED floating wheel caps. Put on your center caps and watch as the luminous wheel lamp lights the road with a stunning LED display. The best part? No batteries are required. Get up to 10mp/h and the hubcaps will produce their own energy to run without fault. There’ll be no need to avoid the highway either. The LED lighted caps will stand vertical for speeds up to 135 Km/h

✅ FAST INSTALLATION - You don’t need to be a mechanic to fit our wheel center hub caps. Just take off the original hub and firmly press in our LED center hubs. Your car is now ready to illuminate streets and highways with precision lighting. The installation is incredibly firm; your center hubs will stay in place, even on the roughest terrains.

✅ WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF - Enjoy our Waterproof LED wheel lights in all driving conditions. No more tiresome changing of center caps depending on the weather. Our magnetic levitation caps will keep emitting a sharp, distant color display in torrential rain without becoming damaged. The strong seal design will keep out harmful dust. Drive down dirt roads and take your car through the car wash, your center hubs will stay unscathed either way.

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL - A special ABS material gives our wheel center hub caps an unbeatable toughness and hardness. The natural anti-corrosion properties keep our hubs looking box fresh every ride. A beautiful mirror finish using high-quality acrylic projects from color fading; the perfect combination for your shiny alloy rims.

✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Are you ready to start making a statement when you drive? With Motorfoc LED floating caps it couldn’t be easier. As well as looking incredible the luminous display also acts as a warning to reduce vehicle collisions (yes, they really are that eye-catching!) Add to cart now and light up the roads in your car.Stand Out on the Road 

✅ EASY INSTALLATION - It’s simple. Just take off the original hub and firmly press in your new LED cap -it fits in perfectly. The firm installation ensures your cap will stay in place no matter how many rough rides you take it on. 


Features :


Set of 4 led caps for BMW

Diameter -  2,44 inch / 62mm, 2,67 inch / 68mm

LED colour - Blue

Package weight: approx 700g

No need for drilling, cutting or modification. Just plug and play!

Suitable for all Toyota models with particular sizes. 

Before purchasing, please check the diameter and depth size of the wheel hub on the alloys.